Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday




Petals flowing down a river of dreams and desires.I reach down to feel the cool water trickle over my fingers, catching between them a petal of a red rose.┬áIt’s velvety and silky feels reminds me of your touch.

I rub the petal gently against my cheek. Closing my eyes and breathing in deep.Flashing back to that November evening our eyes met and my heart leaped with joy when I discovered the beauty embedded in your smile.
For awhile I just gazed into your eyes …and then you spoke and to my surprise your words were as beautiful as the outlines of your lips…and together they flowed with such appeal that I knew this new found love was real when you said your name.

I open my eyes and in that instant the petal slips away, soaring into the wind, away to complete its destiny.

I kneel down to feel the water once more. Stretch back up to find my love holding the same petal in their hand. They kiss it, then touches it to my lips. As our fingers interlock, they lift the petal up to the sky and lets it soar again.

Smiling deep inside, filled with something more than love. I realize what the petal’s destiny was…to bring you back to me.

Smiling inside by and by.